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Focused Presentation Coaching

For professionals across many industry sectors and corporate environments.

Whether in person or online, I work with professionals who want to create and deliver cohesive, impactful presentations, find their own voices, gain confidence, and let their passion and expertise shine through while presenting.

It’s rare for presenters to be given enough time and support to craft engaging presentations. The process usually includes a wide assortment of lines and images from other departments that have to be integrated. And often, presenters are given internal feedback that is difficult to understand and incorporate. These factors, along with the stress of being in front of a group, make it very challenging to relax, find an authentic voice and be in the moment.

My theatre-based training gives me unique insight into each presenter’s strengths and challenges. My coaching includes script editing, vocal and physical adjustments, and click, scroll, and image timings. Focused and specific, my feedback is easy to integrate and practice.

In addition to coaching specific presentations I also offer these and other workshops

Presentation skills

From warm ups, to editing and delivery tips, my workshops help participants be more fully present and learn new attention dynamics techniques that keep their audience engaged.

Emcee skills

Unique tips on how to transition between presentations and keep the energy alive throughout the event.

Sales team workshops

I conduct experiential sessions tailored to your sales objectives that strengthen the team bond.

Leadership Skills Workshops

Tailored to each company’s needs and based on my years as a theatre director, this workshop emphasizes leading from behind by empowering team members, deepening one’s listening skills, and ensuring collective ownership by establishing trust in leadership.

My coaching is customized to each client’s needs and includes hourly, whole or half-day sessions and weekly programs.

About My Work

Online or in person, I will help you find the best value in your presentations. My unique theatre approach draws out each presenter’s most authentic and genuine qualities.

Over the past decade, I’ve coached CEOs, sales executives, developers, programmers, engineers, architects, artists, scientists, police, military, doctors, lawyers, government officials, small business personnel and more, and in each case, I’ve earned their trust and helped them discover strengths they didn’t know they had.

I look for the story elements in each presentation. Whether you have an outline or a script, I can help turn “passive words on the page” into “active ideas on the stage and screen.” And my delivery coaching will help keep your audience engaged and wanting more.

Using my extensive theatre training, I also work with company event producers to help shape dynamic multi-presenter sessions, conferences, and sales pitches.

Anyone can give a presentation in today’s corporate world, but it takes more effort to turn a presentation into an engaging, inspirational story. Chris’ talent to transform a presentation into a memorable event is priceless.

About Chris

In his presentation coaching, Chris has worked with a range of corporate, academic, and entertainment industry clients, including Esri, Mott MacDonald, Loma Linda University Medical Center, and Sea Sketch. One of Chris’s recent corporate coaching projects was selected by The Director’s Guild of America for its “Night of Disaster” in Hollywood – a presentation story of a community’s use of technology for emergency response to a train derailment. He has developed workshops for a range of groups and his clients have presented internally to their own departments, as well as to government agencies, at medical conferences, and plenary events that draw thousands of participants.

In addition to his industry presentation coaching, Chris developed and served as Chair of the Theatre Arts Department at the University of Redlands for over fifteen years. He continues to teach acting, directing, voice and movement, and a range of courses and seminars. He has directed more than sixty productions in professional and academic theatre, and has received the American College Theatre Festival Award for Excellence in Theatre Education, as well as Dramalogue Awards for his work.

Beach’s professional directing credits include work at Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles Theatre Center, Vanderbilt University, and other regional and university theatres. He was the founding Artistic Director of two theatre companies (New York/Los Angeles) and his original productions have garnered critical acclaim. In 2017, he was invited to stage his adaptation, Big Brother Hamlet: A Surveillance Adaptation, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Chris continues his work as a theatre artist and educator and maintains an active corporate client list.

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